1. Every upload here is free and will be free. Maybe you must pay on some publishing websites for publishing your upload. Some are free, some not, some pay you.
  2. We do not promote, recommend or prioritise any publishing website. Do not ask us for some sites. You found our site via a publishing site. If not, you are wrong here. All publishing websites can be sure, that we will not lead to competitors in any way.
  3. You, as an uploader, decide on what publishing website your content will be published. During upload you enter your targets (publishing website and your account name there). We do not check, if those accounts are yours. We do not check, if those accounts are existing. So if you mistype, some streams can be associated as public domain.
  4. You are not our customer. So never send any requests, complaints or emails to us, only to the publishing websites. They are our customers. Peerstream is a B2B (business to business) service only.
  5. Some publishing websites pay you for your uploads, some publishing websites want to be payed for publishing, some are free. We have no influence on that.
  6. Live content can be everything: TV, DVD, Files, Webcams, content from other websites, streams., musik, tv, audio. We have no humans here to check the inserted content. Depending on the publishing websites you choose for your stuff, some content maybe illegal or just against the site policy. Those content will be blocked/removed by the publishing websites. So don`t wonder, if you are still uploading here, but your content is invisible on the targeted publishing website.
  7. We do not remove streams. Just stop your source, that’s all or ask the publishing website to remove the content.
  8. Rightholders: if you have problems with some content, please do not contact us, contact the publishing website. We are unable to find your stream in the thousands of current streams. Our stream-id system differs from the various internal stream-ids of the publishing websites. In other word. If you provide a 3rd-Party stream address, it is not “our” stream address. And even a websites declares “powered by peerstream” it does not mean, that all streams of that site are sourced by us. Most publisher use several uploading and transcoding services parallel. All streams can only be stopped and removed by publishing website. Most use DCMA Rules and remove infringing content within hours.
  9. In case of technical problems, please also do not contact us, contact only the publishing website. We guarantee all publishers not to harvest email addresses of their valued customers, not even for support reasons. If you have technical problems, please contact “your” publishing website. If problem is based on our side, they will forward your mail anonymously to us.
  10. Only if you run a publisher website and want to use our service, contact us at webmaster@peer-stream.com. We will provide api access, after we checked your site.